Psychic Equalizer Tour Summer 2017

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This summer with Psichic Equalizer we had the pleasure to play in Denmark and Spain. Traveling with the band by bus, plane, van, car, etc.  This is not easy when you have in your back a huge equipement to carry and set it up. But it was another amazing experince that I have achived with this project. I am overwhelmed by the people in both Denmark and Spain, they were amazing and treated us really well (with some exceptions.. not relevant for the tour anyway). The staff on the stage, guys in the mixer, the chefs (Amazing food in Spain!!!), family and friends always supporting us and helping us with all the things we needed.

I am looking forward to the new projects Psychic Equalizer is preparing and ready for more good music to play with my guitar of course.

Copenhagen, Denmark  concert June/2017

Reinosa, Spain sound check July/2017


Some pictures of the tour..


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