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(Carlos practicing a song by Stratovarius)

In this page you can find music projects that Carlos have worked with. The projects represent different styles such as: Rock, Punk, Metal, Jazz and World Music. Electric guitar, electroacoustic guitar, Banjo and minor percussion are some of the instruments Carlos has been playing throughout his carrier. Carlos has been part of the following bands either as a main member or as a guest musician.


Logo Desarme YDV Transparente   Rock al parque 3

Desarme Rock Social is a rock band with punk roots, combining reflective lyrics with a blunt sound that blends the possibilities that only countercultural art can allow. Formed in Bogotá, Colombia, in mid-1993, Desarme has had the opportunity to work with multiple artists both national and international. The musical process always linked to social activism has allowed Desarme to participate in several concerts, festivals and different events all over around the world, sharing stage with more than 170 bands and groups of all kind of genres and origins. Professional work and effort have allowed the band to be on tour in Venezuela on three occasions (2000, 2006 and 2008), Brazil (2008) and Europe (2009) in the countries of Denmark, Germany, Italy, Catalan Countries and the Basque Country. In the same way, Desarme was invited as one of the national bands in “Rock al Parque 2012”, one of the most important and the biggest free event of Latin America.

  • El baile contra la motosierra (Desarme Rock Social)
  • La luna (Desarme Rock Social)
  • Despierta (Desarme Rock Social)

You can find the whole album “Yo digo vida” in Spotify by clicking in the logo:   spotify original

Desarme in Festival Rock al parque (Bogotá, Colombia) Desarme in Festival Rock al parque (Bogotá, Colombia) plaza de bolivar Desarme Concert Desarme in Denmark Desarme 39 1016195_431790566919450_239411058_n[1] Audience 2 Audience Boat trip Concert 2 concert 4,1 Concert 4 concert 6 concert 7 concert 8 concert 9 concert 12 concert 13 desarme aeropuerto Desarme in Rome desarme news paper Desarme Plaza de Bolivar Flyer concert Nake Festival 2 rock al parque 2 Rock al parque 3 cover YDV Nake Festival 2 Desarme 30 Desarme 26 Desarme 25 Desarme 24 Desarme 23 Desarme 22 Desarme 21 Desarme 20 Desarme 19 Desarme 10 Desarme 11 Desarme 13 Desarme 14 Desarme 15 Desarme 16 Desarme 17 Desarme 18 Desarme 2 Desarme 3 Desarme 4 Desarme 5 Desarme 6 Desarme 7 Desarme 8 Desarme 9 Desarme 1
Desarme Europe tour 2009
  • For further information about Desarme Rock Social you can visit:   facebook original

Psychic Equalizer

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Psychic Equalizer is the project founded by Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles in 2011. Psychic Equalizer have recently released their 3rd studio release. ‘The Lonely Traveller’, a mixture of jazz, progressive rock, classical and avant-garde; has been awarded three silver medals at the Global Music Awards and keeps receiving wonderful reviews from magazines, blogs and fans around the world.

“Seems like the hard task of creating something new in jazz is not that hard when you give it to the right people, and Psychic Equalizer are surely these kind of men. They don’t try to get the hype, instead they do what they feel like doing the most. That’s why “The Lonely Traveller” is full of life, professionalism and comfort. They all know their strengths and limitations (for example, Selles has no limits!) and they do implement this into their music creating a sophisticated piece of music which is a little gem in the jazz book.”     
Prog Archy
  • Lovers Meet (Psychic Equalizer)
  • Mezuz (Psychic Equalizer)
  • Adrift  (Psychic Equalizer)

You can find the whole album “The Lonely Traveller” by  clicking in the logos:

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  • For further information about Psychic Equalizer you can visit Hugo´s page:     


Musica Improvisus

Musica Improvisus is an upcoming album by an Australian musician, producer and sound engineer India Hooi, to be released in 2018. The album mixes composition, improvisation and digital arrangement and features several highly skilled musicians playing various acoustic instruments. The music crosses several genres, mixing elements of classical, jazz, world and experimental music.

You can listen the project “A Journey Through Musica Improvisus” by clicking in the logo:

“An experimental composition for my Masters in Tonmeister (sound recording). Each musician was invited to an individual recording session, during which they listened to prerecorded snippets of composition, and then improvised a series of melodies, harmonies, textures, rhythms and any musical ideas that came to mind. From the enormous amount of recorded material, the most interesting snippets were edited and patched together – the process like assembling an acoustic jigsaw puzzle without knowing the final picture. The result is an inspiring collaboration of multiple musical minds.”

India Hooi

India Hooi / producer & sound engineer, composer, piano (Australia)
Francisco Alcocer Rodriguez / double bass (Mexico)
Carlos Barragán / guitar, percussive sounds (Colombia)
Sven Riondet / accordion (France)
Hugo Selles / piano, piano strings (Spain)
Kehan Zhang / violin, viola (China)

Recorded at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, 2013.

 Duo Latino

Carlos Barragán – Guitarra Española / Hugo Selles – Piano

Duo Latino

Duo Latino was established with the purpose of enjoying performing music and transmitting this fun to the listener; Encompassing the broad world of jazz, Latin music, bossanova, improvisation and classical. An example:

Les Feuilles Mortes (Duo Latino version)

Cuban Improvisation based in “El Raton” (Duo Latino version)

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