Carlos Barragán teaches guitar students at all levels, from beginner to advanced level in different fields such as:

  • Classical guitar
  • Acoustic (popular guitar)
  • Electric guitar

In the guitar lessons the students not only learn how to play the guitar but also music theory, ear training and music analysis. The students get to play in concerts, know more students of the same age and play together. Besides the private lessons in Barragan Guitar School the students get to play also in chamber music projects suchs as: Guitar duo, Trio, Quartet and Orchestra project. Two times in a year they will perform in a concert where family and friends are welcome.

The students are welcome to the lessons from the age of 6.

Carlos is currently working as a teacher in Copenhagen with his own music school (Barragan Guitar) and International School of Hellerup (Instrumental programme after school), His students represent several nationalities.

Carlos has excellent motivation with his profession and he´s driven to help his students to achieve their best. You will find him to be a positive, hard-working, down-to-earth person with a good sense of humor. He has very good communicational and interpersonal skills which enable him to discuss any matter of concern with the students and their parents.

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Students at Barragan Guitar School

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– Students´rehearsals for christmas concert 2017/2018

-Students’ Summer Concert 2017

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summer concert14 summer concert a summer concert 11 summer concert 12 summer concert 13 summer concert 1 summer concert 2 summer concert 9 summer concert 8 summer concert 3 summer concert 5 summer concert 7 summer concert 6

-Students’ Christmas Concert 2016 

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-Lessons and rehearsals… 

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Orchestra project Rehearsals 1 Orchestra project rehearsals 2 Orchestra project rehearsals 3 Guitar lesson Orchestra project rehearsals 4 Orchestra project rehearsals 5 Orchestra project rehearsals 6 Guitar duo Orchestra project rehearsals 6 Guitar and cello Students 7 Students 14 Students 9 Students 11 Kk Students 12 Students 10 Students 4 Students Students 1 Students 2 Students 3


-Students’ Summer concerts 2015/2016

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Summer students´ Concert Summer students´ Concert 2 Rishi and Carlos Parents, friends,audience. Aryan and Carlos 2 Aryan and Carlos Spring students´ concert Felix and Carlos Max and Carlos Students and Family Aryan Max Students warming up! Yashu and Carlos Trio in backstage Students´ concert Students´ concert Deeksha and Carlos


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