Carlos has played rock his entire life!

He can be experienced when playing with his projects as a soloist or bands.

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Psychic Equalizer

Destination Zero is one of Carlos' compositions for the new EP.

Psychic Equalizer

Carlos has been part of the band since 2014 recording albums and playing live concerts.

Psychic Equalizer is a prog rock band formed by musicians of different nationalities and musical backgrounds. Started by Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles in 2011, it began as a solo project, mostly in the electronic ambient music field with elements of jazz and classical piano.

Since 2014, Psychic Equalizer evolved towards a prog rock sound, and expanded to include guitarist Carlos Barragán (Colombia), keyboardist Adrian Ubiaga (Spain) and singer and multi-instrumentalist India Hooi (Australia). The four members’ classical training and professional experience in playing a myriad of genres results in an original and exciting sound combining virtuosity, harmonic richness and boldly creative arrangements.​

The band has been on tour in Spain and Denmark, playing in renowned venues such as: Teatro principal de Reinosa, teatro Casyc, Palacio de festivales "Sala Pereda", Koncertkirken, Metronomen, among others.

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Desarme Rock Social

Punk - Rock, playing concerts!

Carlos joined the band in 2007 and played until 2013. Desarme has played together with recognized punk rock bands such as: Los muertos de cristo, Boikot, E.U.K.Z, KOP among others.

Professional work and effort have allowed the band to be on tour in Venezuela on three occasions (2000, 2006 and 2008), Brazil (2008) and Europe (2009) in the countries of Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain. In the same way, Desarme was invited as one of the national bands in “Rock al Parque 2012”, one of the most important and the biggest festivals in Latin America.

Desarme Rock Social is a rock band with punk roots, combining reflective lyrics with a blunt sound that blends the possibilities that only countercultural art can allow. Formed in Bogotá, Colombia, in mid-1993, Desarme has had the opportunity to work with multiple artists both national and international. The musical process always linked to social activism has allowed Desarme to participate in several concerts, festivals and different events all over around the world, sharing stage with more than 170 bands and groups of all kind of genres and origins.

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