Latin Jazz concerts and projects

Carlos plays Latin jazz music in all sorts of ways; as background music in events and hotels, at concerts and festivals, in a duo and groups! Watch him play:

Duo Latino

Carlos Barragán – Guitarra Española
Hugo Selles – Piano

Duo Latino was established with the purpose of enjoying performing music and transmitting this fun to the listener; Encompassing the broad world of jazz, Latin music, bossanova, improvisation and classical.

Carlos offers music such as: Classical spanish solo guitar and Latin jazz duo (guitar and piano), for events and hotels as a beautiful background music in Copenhagen and surroundings areas such as: Hellerup, Klampenborg, Skodsborg, Østerbro, Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Valby, Frederiksberg  etc.

Musica Improvisus

Musica Improvisus is an upcoming album by an Australian musician, producer and sound engineer India Hooi, to be released in 2018. (Carlos has participated in several studio recordings for Musica Improvisus)

The album mixes composition, improvisation and digital arrangement and features several highly skilled musicians playing various acoustic instruments. The music crosses several genres, mixing elements of classical, jazz, world and experimental music. Carlos was invited to play and record in the amazing project.

An experimental composition for my Masters in Tonmeister (sound recording). Each musician was invited to an individual recording session, during which they listened to prerecorded snippets of composition, and then improvised a series of melodies, harmonies, textures, rhythms and any musical ideas that came to mind. From the enormous amount of recorded material, the most interesting snippets were edited and patched together – the process like assembling an acoustic jigsaw puzzle without knowing the final picture. The result is an inspiring collaboration of multiple musical minds.” - India Hooi

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