For those interested in Latin and improvisation music, here you can check the promo video of Duo Latino. We have been playing during the summer in some concerts and events. Hope you enjoy it!

Hugo Selles: Piano

Carlos Barragán: Guitar




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This summer with Psichic Equalizer we had the pleasure to play in Denmark and Spain. Traveling with the band by bus, plane, van, car, etc.  This is not easy when you have in your back a huge equipement to carry and set it up. But it was another amazing experince that I have achived with this project. I am overwhelmed by the people in both Denmark and Spain, they were amazing and treated us really well (with some exceptions.. not relevant for the tour anyway). The staff on the stage, guys in the mixer, the chefs (Amazing food in Spain!!!), family and friends always supporting us and helping us with all the things we needed.

I am looking forward to the new projects Psychic Equalizer is preparing and ready for more good music to play with my guitar of course.

Copenhagen, Denmark  concert June/2017

Reinosa, Spain sound check July/2017


Some pictures of the tour..


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21st of August at 20:30 in Metronomen (Godthåbsvej 33,2000) Frederiksberg
Free entrance, donations are welcome!

Just for the fun of playing together, we have recently started a duo. We will perform latin, jazz, bossa nova and other styles in our series of concerts in Denmark. First one, the 21st in Metronomen. You can listen to a demo of our project through the following link.
Simplemente por pasárnoslo bien, el guitarrista Carlos Barragán y yo hemos fundado este dúo. Tocaremos música latina, jazz, bossa nova y otros estilos en una serie de conciertos en Dinamarca. El primero de ellos, el día 21 en Metronomen. Podéis escuchar un poco de lo que hacemos a través del enlace.


Carlos Barragán teaches guitar students at all levels, from beginner to advanced level in different fields such as:

  • Classical guitar
  • Acoustic (popular guitar)
  • Electric guitar

In the guitar lessons the students not only learn how to play the guitar but also music theory, ear training and music analysis. The students get to play in concerts, know more students of the same age and play together. Besides the private lessons in Barragan Guitar School the students get to play also in chamber music projects suchs as: Guitar duo, Trio, Quartet and Orchestra project. Two times in a year they will perform in a concert where family and friends are welcome.

The students are welcome to the lessons from the age of 6.

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Psychic Equalizer starts touring in Europe

What we know so far about the Tour 2017

This summer 2017 We are presenting the new album of Psychic Equalizer, the 2nd of July in KoncertKirken (Copenhagen), the 22nd of July in Teatro Municipal (Reinosa) and the 23rd of July in Sala Clamores (Madrid). ‘The Lonely Traveller’, a fusion of jazz, rock, classical and experimental, that has been very well received by the critics. Don’t miss the chance to see it live!

Estaremos presentando el nuevo disco el 2 de Julio en Copenhague, 22 de Julio en Reinosa y 23 de Julio en Madrid este verano. ‘The Lonely Traveller’, una fusión de jazz, rock, clásica y experimental, que ha sido muy bien recibida por la crítica. ¡No te pierdas la oportunidad de vernos en directo!

There are still tickets available, so you can contact Hugo in or you can buy the tickets in the main entrance of the concert hall.

Los tickets los pueden conseguir con Hugo en o en la entrada del teatro.


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Once more, I want to congratulate my students for the effort and dedication they had put in the concert, not only playing what they have learned during the semester but also enjoying the music with the guitar. I also want to thank all the parents for supporting the students and giving them the tools and motivation they need for playing the guitar. Enjoy some pictures of the concert and see you in the Christmas concert with new ideas in the Orchestra Project!

  • Duo Amaie playing (Lille Melodie)
  • Student performing in the concert. (Different styles.  Classical Guitar, music for movies “Game of Thrones Theme”)
  • Student playing Harry Potter Theme (Arrange for two guitars)


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Welcome to the concert Barragan Guitar school. I’m glad to see that my students are playing in the concert showing their process to everybody and enjoying this beautiful instrument. We will see on stage students from different countries, some of them have been studying with me for more than two years and others have just started with the guitar.

Feel free to join us the 18th of June.

You can check all the information about the concert in the flyer.

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Last Monday 17th of April, I have played a concert with two other amazing guitar players in Metronomen, Frederiksberg/Denmark. Ricardo Hoyos (Colombia)  and Cathrine Buch (Denmark).

we are really happy for the results of the concert and grateful with the beautiful audience that was supporting us and enjoying the music we played. The program was versatile between Danish and Latin American music.

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here you can check some pictures and videos:


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