Guitar lessons Copenhagen, Denmark

Since I arrived to Copenhagen, Denmark I have had the chance  to welcome students and their families at my guitar school Barragan Guitar. For me is really heartwarming to see the process of my students and the goals they have achieved with their instrument, not only while practicing and developing their skills the instrument requires but also while playing and performing in the concerts “Barragan guitar school” organize for them.

Reviews from musicians, parents and students at Barragan guitar school:

🎶. Christel Décatoire, France: (Student’s mother, Classical Guitar)

May 2017

Carlos teaches our 10 year old boy (French). Super friendly, great listening ability, talented and very professional, mixing technical challenge and fun ! We highly recommend Carlos as a guitar teacher as well as a person !

🎶. Amy Jensen, U.S.A: (Student’s mother, Classical Guitar)

April 2017

My son has really enjoyed guitar lessons with Carlos. Carlos has been very patient, helping my son progress by exploring music that he can connect to. Carlos’ passion for music comes through in the lessons. I would recommend him to anyone considering learning the guitar.

🎶. Carlos Chavez, Colombia: (Electric Guitar Player)

April 2017

Carlos is a chameleonic musician that plays almost all musical styles. Focusing in classical music, he is able to play with astonishing soulfulness any repertoire and lead his students to excel with magically passionate teachings and compositions.


🎶. Catrhine Buch, Denmark: (Guitar Player)

April 2017

Carlos er altid velforberedt og skaber en rigtig god atmosfære for at lære i hans lektioner. Meget tilfreds

🎶. Sadath Mehaboobjan, India: (Students’ father, Classical Guitar)

April 2017

Carlos is an inspiring guitar teacher-coach who positively connects to the children by catering to their interests in music. My kids Areeb and Zidan are having a wonderful experience and are able to play guitar for certain full songs now. A and Z have blossomed. Thank you very much Carlos.

🎶. Ninna Bohn Pedersen, Denmark: (Student’s mother, Classical Guitar)

June 2016

We have known Carlos now for nearly two years, where he has been teaching our 10 year old son, Felix to play the guitar. Carlos combines a wonderful, patient personality with a great musical talent and a inspired pedagogical talent. He creates an inspirational and playful environment with a focus on the passion of the music and without pressure. He masters teaching both the technical skills of playing as well as the more elusive qualities the guitarists personal engagement with music. Felix loves playing his guitar and continues to improve. He really enjoys spending with Carlos and looks forward to go both the practise as well as the performances. We recommend Carlos wholeheartedly and hold him in great esteem both as a person, teacher and guitarist.

🎶. Anna Porter, Scotland: (Student’s mother Classical Guitar)

February 2016

Carlos is clearly dedicated to the guitar and teaches Sam to an excellent technical degree, determined to instill good practice from the outset. That said, his style is flexible and open, and he makes learning enjoyable by allowing Sam a mix of classical training pieces with popular songs he readily recognises and likes. His relaxed yet rigorous teaching method is a winning combination which, in my experience as a parent, properly engages with kids and maintains their interest.

🎶.  Tina Madhu, India: (Students’ mother Classical and Electric guitar students)

February 2016

Both my kids are Carlos’s students for the past two years . One is 14 and the other 9 years old. Before coming to Carlos my son had gone to two other guitar teachers but was never happy . After joining Carlos’s class he looks forward to every lesson.Carlos knows to handle kids very well. He makes the class interesting for both of my kids.We are truely grateful to him for all his effort and patience.I will always recommend Carlos to anyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Carlos!

🎶. Carlos Garcia, Argentina: (Electric guitar student)

October 2015

Una gran diferencia que encontré al tomar clases con Carlos, es que pone un gran esfuerzo en hacerlas super divertidas! El mezcla dos aspectos que muy importantes. Por un lado, estudió en el conservatorio y es un guitarrista clasico excelente, lo que le da un gran sustento teórico a sus lecciones. Por otro lado, tiene una importante trayectoria como guitarrista de bandas de diferentes estilos, como rock o jazz, lo que le agrega un condimento de improvisación y variedad de estilos. Todo esto hace que, a cada explicación teórica, siempre le encuentra un ejercicio o ejemplo práctico entretenido. Otro punto importante, mas allá de su gran sentido del humor, es que sus clases están siempre influenciadas por su pasión contagiosa al instrumento, lo que te hace terminar cada clase queriendo tocar la guitarra todo el día.

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